Orafil LC

Loại sản phẩm:
  • Đơn vị tính: Tube
  • Quy cách: Tube 3g
  • Hãng sản xuất: PREVEST
  • Nước sản xuất: India
  • Giá : Liên Hệ
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    Orafil LC

    Description (MÔ TẢ)

    Orafil Lc is a light curing, ready to use temporary filling material which remain elastic after curing and can be easily removed in one place with a suitable instrument without causing any damage to the prepared cavity. It is also suitable for long term temporaries.

    After light curing it absorbs moisture and slightly swells to provide excellent sealing of margins. Due to one piece removal no debris is left on cavity floor and ensure health of the gingival tissue.
    With its non eugenol formula Orafil LC suitable for inlays,onlays,endodontic access temporaries and implant screw access temporaries.

    Indications (CHỈ ĐỊNH)

    * All kinds of temporary fillings, temporary protection of inlays/onlays preparation.
    * Implant screw access temporaries 
    * Emergency repair of lost filling and fractured teeth

    Product benefits (CÔNG DỤNG)

    * Dark green color dye provides strong contrast with both dentine and the pulp.
    * Stains outer infected dentine only. Does not stain uninfected (affected) dentine.
    * Detects caries in difficult to see places.
    *Propylene glycol base formulation more accurate than water based formula.

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